Getting Started - Support Bar

On every page on the site there are the buttons at the top right of the screen.

Contact Support

 This is the very best way of getting in touch with us if you have a problem. When you click it a small popup box appears in the bottom right corner of the screen - shown below.
Type your support request into the box and click "Next" It's often really helpful to include a screenshot with your problem so we can better diagnose the issue and support you. Ticking the box to include a screenshot will automatically send a screenshot of the page you are currently on to us with your support request.
After clicking next you'll be shown another page in the pop-up with any existing support articles, these may answer your question straight away so we'd advise reading the article if it's relevant as it could solve your problem quicker.

Knowledge Base

This is where supporting documentation and helpful articles on using your Schudio product can be found.
The knowledge base has articles covering more general topics, but also covers the specifics of a product. We would always recommend reading the relevant articles in the knowledge base as a first port of call if you ever get stuck.
Clicking the button opens the Schudio knowledge base in a new window or tab.

Build Next

Clicking this button loads a pop-up the bottom right corner again (see below), but this time with ideas for system improvements.
Your can post your own idea, or click on an existing idea. You can allocate up to 3 votes to an idea. Currently every user of the system starts with 10 votes. (Votes are returned once an idea has been implemented although you are free to re-allocate your votes at any time)
Your feedback is valuable to us, we want our system to be feature rich, and as easy to use as possible, we can't build everything that's asked for straight away, but knowing what you want and how badly you want it helps us plan our development.

Feedback and Knowledge Base