Getting Started - Left Sidebar Menu

On every page within the Schudio Content Management System the left sidebar menu is visible.
This menu is used to access all of the different bits of your website that you can edit and update.
Depending on your access rights you may not be able to see all of the options in the menu to the left.

News: Manage your News through the news module.

Events: Manage your Events through the events module.

Announcements: Manage your Announcements through the announcements module.

Pages: Manage the pages of your website.

Blog: Manage your Blogs through the blog module.

Media: Manage the files sorted on your website and content to embed into pages. Any Youtube videos, Flip books, or Photo galleries can also be managed here.

Education: Menu items related to the Education provided. Includes different courses, extra curricular activities, tutors and student profiles.

Information: Manage the information displayed on your website. Contact details, social media accounts, job vacancies, calendar and more.

Appearance: Manage the appearance of your website. Change banners, adjust the menus, and other appearance options. Translations and Mobile app appearance are also managed here.

Requests: Manage the requests processed by the system. Add contacts to your contact form, review the contact enquires sent through the form. Applications and newsletter requests are also here.

Users: Manage users in the system from this section. Create new users, manage permission or delete users.

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