How do I add a photo gallery to my website?

Creating Your Photo Gallery

To add a new photo gallery go to the School Life menu on the left hand side of the page. Select the submenu item "Photo Galleries"
Then click the green "+ Add New Gallery" button.

A new page to add the details of your new gallery will appear.


Then click the green "+ Add New Gallery" button.
A new page to add the details of your new gallery will appear.

This will bring you to this page; You give the Gallery a name and description of your choice. I.e - Ski Trip - 2015.

Once you click save, you will be taken to the upload page for that Gallery.
Here you can see a button that says ‘Drop files here or click to upload’ If you click this it will open up your file browser so you can search for the files on your computer. If you have the photos open in a file browser already, you can simply drag and drop the images into this square. 

Once you’ve selected your images simply click open and you will see them start to appear next to the + button.

You can add as many or as little images here as you like.

Now, to add this photo gallery to a page or news article, you’ll need to go back to the list of Photo Galleries.

Locate your new Photo Gallery on this list. It will show you the name of the gallery, number of photos it contains and embed code as well as an edit button and a delete button.

The embed code looks like {gallery:Ski Trip 2015}

To add this to your news article you simply and copy the embed code, brackets included, into your content box.

As you can see it is simply pasted in amongst the text. No need for confusing coding!

The same applies for adding your gallery to a page, blog, event, anywhere you see this content box!

Your photo gallery is complete!

If you have over 10 photos in your gallery, it may make your page a bit long. Another way to view your gallery is by changing it to a slideshow. This is really simple.

All you have to do is add ‘-slideshow’ into the embed code like this;

{gallery-slideshow:Ski Trip 2015}

Now you will see it appears as a slideshow on your page instead which changes photo automatically every few seconds.

If you wanted to go an extra step and change the height, you can do so by adding |height:X

to the end of your Gallery name. X being the number of pixels height you want.


{gallery-slideshow:Ski Trip 2015|height:400}

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