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  1. Absence Reporting & Absence Notifications

  2. Add a Blog Post

  3. Add a New Contact to the Contact Form

  4. Add Our Favourite Apps to your Learning Wall

  5. Add Students to your Account

  6. Adding a New Adult Course

  7. Adding a News Article

  8. Adding a Splash Image Pop-up

  9. Adding a Student Profile

  10. Adding a User

  11. Adding an Announcement

  12. Adding an Event

  13. Adding Banners to your Home Page

  14. Adding Box Menus

  15. Adding Courses / Course Levels

  16. Adding Job Vacancies

  17. Adding People

  18. Adding Social Links

  19. Adding the Calendar to your Website

  20. Allow Students to Edit Learning Walls

  21. Can I request small design amends?

  22. Can't See a Feature or Option?

  23. Course Bookings

  24. Create and add an App to your Learning Wall

  25. Creating a Secure Area

  26. Customise your Learning Wall

  27. Customising an Image Tile

  28. Deleting Blog Comments

  29. Do I have to change my web address?

  30. Edit your Profile

  31. Editing Images

  32. Generating a Twitter Widget

  33. Getting Started - Dashboard Overview

  34. Getting Started - Left Sidebar Menu

  35. Getting Started - Support Bar

  36. How do I add a photo gallery to my website?

  37. How Do Parents Know To Download the Schudio App?

  38. Introduction to Schudio App

  39. Is there a cancellation notice period?

  40. Managing Activities

  41. Managing Enquries

  42. Managing Menus

  43. Managing Pages

  44. Managing Tags

  45. Managing the Calendar

  46. Managing Translations

  47. Managing User Permissions

  48. Managing Vacancies (Schudio HR System)

  49. My school isn't in the list to select?

  50. Notifications

  51. Re-Ordering Photo Galleries

  52. Setting Up Your School App

  53. Setting Up Your School Blog

  54. Types of Menu

  55. Using Embed Codes - Adding Videos, Flip books & Audio

  56. Using File Manager

  57. Using Photo Galleries - Creating, Updating & Inserting

  58. Using the content box - Adding Text, Links & Images

  59. Using the Documents Module

  60. Verifying your domain for Google Services

  61. What are my recurring payments for?

  62. What are your payment terms?

  63. What if I get stuck and need help?

  64. What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

  65. Why is the app icon not my School logo?

  66. Your sites look good, is it easy to update content?

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