Adding the Calendar to your Website

The calendar is always available on your website, but for visitors to your website to be able to view it a link to the calendar will need to be added. The best place to add a link to the

calendar is within a menu.

Menus can be found under Appearance > Menus.

The menus page contains a list of the different menus currently running on the website. These menus will be specific to your site depending on your design. And depending on which menu the Calendar item is added to will change where it appears.

To manage a menu click it's name

Adding the Calendar Menu Item

Make sure editing is being done on the specific menu and not the list of menus.

A new menu item can be added in different ways from the menu page. Click the green "+ Add New’ button at the top of the page to add a new top level menu item.

Click the small green + at the end of a row to add a menu item as a sub-menu of that item.

Adding a Calendar link is as simple as adding a title for the menu item, selecting the Type as Module, then selecting the Calendar module from the dropdown list that then appears in the Module field.

Click save to save any changes made and this calendar menu item will be added to the site.

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