Customise your Learning Wall

There are some nice options to customise every Learning Wall you build, including the name and the background image. 

When logged in to your Learning Wall account walls can be edited in a number of different ways.

The fastest way is to click My Walls on the top bar of the site, then click the Wall you want to edit and then click the green Edit Wall button.

From your main Wall editing page, click the small green Edit button in the top section.

Below is a description of each field and what updating them does to your Learning Wall.

Wall Name
Give your Wall a name - it can be anything and it will be publicly seen. Use something that you will remember and will make sense if your Wall appears in Google search results for related terms.

Upload an image that you would like to use as a logo for your Wall. Upload a jpg or png file that is no more than 500kb.

Background Image
You can add a background image to your Wall. Be a little careful to ensure that your Apps on your Wall can still be clearly seen. 
Images should by jpg or png
The size of the background should be 1723 × 1160
The file should be no more than 2Mb

Password Protect
You have the option to password protect your Wall and will only be available to logins within the Learning Wall account. 

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