Customising an Image Tile

There are a few ways the appearance of an image tile can be customised for use on your Learning Wall.  The first is the size of the tile.

Image tiles come in 3 different sizes (measured in pixels):

Large - 310 x 310
Medium - 310 x 150
Small - 150 x 150 

Another option is the main image that appears in the place of the tile. If you are creating an image to use for a tile we recommend creating an image that is double the pixel size. This ensures devices with very high display settings will have their content optimised for them as well as it working for everyone else.

You can overlay text on the image by setting a value in the 'Title' field. If the image shows what the app or site is we'd advise leaving this field blank.

Finally, the image for a tile can rotate between up to 3 images. (See screenshot below - fields 'Image 2' & 'Image 3') The system will automatically scroll the images when there is more than one image uploaded.  

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