What are my recurring payments for?

There are two different recurring payments. A support & hosting payment and a package payment.

Support & Hosting Payment

This payment covers the ongoing support for the use of your website.
We provide a comprehensive knowledge base to answer the most common questions, and a support system with multiple levels of impact each with specific response and resolution times.
Full details are outlined in the Schudio service level agreement.
This payment is also for making your site available to access on the web. The hosting of the Schudio CMS (Content Management System) used to manage your site and all of your files
It also includes the management of your bandwidth (traffic) and webspace (storage), so you will not reach a limit with visitors unable to access your website.

Package Payments

Your package payment is for continued use of the the licence of the software that runs the package. Package payments are payable in line with your package contract, usually every 1 or 3 years.
A school website package payment also includes the design element of the site, so when any subsequent package payments are due you will also be eligible for a design update.

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