What about my web address and domain name

Your domain is the address your website can be accessed from, make sure you have a plan for your domain before your site is ready to go live to ensure there's no unnecessary delay.
Usually the best domain for your new website is the one already in use. 

To use the same web address for your new website you will need to get in contact with the current administrator of your domain.
When ready to go live we’ll send some A records to update in your domain DNS settings.
Your current administrator should be able to advise you who to contact to make the required changes to put your new website live.

If you are having trouble identifying who administers your domain, please get in touch and we will try and help. (It could be your local authority, a private company or someone at school).

If your current administrator no longer wants to administer your domain, or you want to transfer that responsibility away from them you can do it yourself, or we can do it for you (additional charges apply for Schudio to manage your domain).

If you want to setup a new domain, that's also an option, although we'd suggest only doing this if your current domain is irretrievable.

Check Our Blog for more information about domains:


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