Content Box - Adding Links

Adding Links

To add a link to any text that you may have simply highlight the text you wish to contain the link and click the link button. 

A pop-up will now appear with some options for your link. 

Link Info (Type)

There are 4 types of links destination that can be set. 

(3 from the drop down menu and the browse server button)


A URL is to link to a webpage.


An anchor link links to an existing anchor on a page, the anchor can be set-up by clicking the anchor button on the text editor.

(Anchor button)


Creates a new email in the default mail app of the user addressed to the email address entered with the link.

(As webmail has increased in popularity the usefulness of this type of link has declined, it only really works for users who are using an application on their device to read mail instead of webmail through a web browser)


To link to a file click "Browse Server" and locate a document that you want the link to open.

Link Target: A link can be set to open in different ways when a user clicks it. 

If the link is to another page on your site then we would advise to leave this as not set - to follow default behaviour. If you are linking to an external site or a document it's best to set this to New Window - so that your users aren't closing down your site to go somewhere else, instead your site stays open in the window and a new one is opened at your link destination.

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