Tracking Visitors (Google Analytics)

Comprehensive visitor tracking can be provided by Google Analytics. As standard Schudio will setup analytics for a website account and provide ongoing access to the tracking data. All that's required to setup analytics tracking is to populate the the 'Google Analytics Key' field with your Google Analytics Property ID.

The Schudio CMS software will automatically add the analytics code to every page of your website when the analytics key is present.

Visitor details can be viewed by accessing

If you would like us to add you into the account so you can view this information, please contact

To continue capturing website visitor data please ensure your key remains in the tracking box which can be found in Information >> Tracking

Another option on this page is to tick the box for 'No Index'. 

A warning is attached to this action because preventing your site from being indexed will prevent search engines from displaying your website in it's results. In most circumstances 'No Index' should not be checked.

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