Adding Box Menus

Within the Schudio School Website CMS you can create new menus to appear on a page. This type of menu often appears on the website homepage, but they can also be added to internal pages.

New box menus are straightforward to setup and just require using the correct menu identifier. 

Menus can be found on the left sidebar under the option "Menus". 

The menus page contains a list of the different menus currently set up on the website. You can see on this page if the menu is enabled or disabled. If a menu is disabled it will not show on the website.

Click the "+ Create Menu" button to add a new menu.

The menu identifier for the homepage box menu is ‘home’. The identifier to use when setting up a new box menu, is the last part of the url for that page, i.e To create a menu for the curriculum page which has the URL, the menu identifier would be curriculum or if the URL was the identifier would be staff-governors.

When the new menu has been created with the correct identifier. Menu items can be added to the new menu.

Adding/Editing a Menu Item

A new menu item can be added in different ways from the menu page. Click the green "+ Add New’ button at the top of the page to add a new top level menu item. (All menu items in the box menus should be top level items)

To edit a menu, click the blue pencil in the row of the menu you want to edit.

Click the red cross in the row to delete the menu item.

Create links to the content of the website in the same way when using any of the other menus, only in this menu make sure to add an image.
For more details on adding menu items view the menus tutorial.

Once you’ve added all of the menu items to your new menu, it should look something like the above.

If the box menu isn't displaying the title text, make sure the "Box menu text overlay" option is ticked in Appearance Options.

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