Flip Books - Using Embed Codes

To add a new document go to the Media menu on the left hand side of the page. Select the submenu item "Flip Books" 

Then click the green "+ Create Book" button.
A new page to add the details of your new flip book document will appear, 

Enter the title (required) and description (optional) for your document, they identify in the list each document you upload. 

Click "upload" to select the file you want to add as a flip book. We recommend using PDF documents, but other formats (E.g. MS Word) are compatible.
Click Save and your document is added to the system.
The embed code for the flip book will be generated once you press save. It will look like this {doc:112258595719417491874}. This can be copied and pasted into any content box in the Schudio CMS (e.g. a page).

Documents don't have to be embedded, they can also be linked to directly so they open in a full window rather than embedded. Copy the link field from the list and paste it to be the link URL (don't forget to set the target as New Window). You can see more about adding links here.

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