Using the Content Box - Advanced

Whether you’re creating a new event, news article or other page for your website, you’re going to need some content. We have added some new features to your content box to make adding your content easier and more engaging for your school website visitors.


As you are writing your content a green popup will appear at the top of the content box to advise that your text is being autosaved as you make change/additions. 

If you leave the page, without manually hitting save at the bottom of the page, then return to edit the page you will be presented with a message advising you have changes that have been autosaved from your previous visit.

The box will highlight the Auto-saved text on one side, in red, you will be shown the text that was saved the last time you manually hit save. On the left in green you will see the last recorded change. If you would like to load the last recorded change then hit the "Yes, load auto-saved content" button.

Spell Check

When writing in the content box, the site will highlight and words that have not been spelt correctly by highlighting them with a red underline

To access the recommended spelling then hold down the Control button (Command if you are a Mac user) and Right click on the word.

Choose the correct spelling from the list and it will replace the existing content

Inserting Tweetable Text

We have made it really easy for you to engage with your site visitors on social media. 

 If there is a quote that you would like your website visitors to be able to share directly to their twitter accounts then hit the twitter icon at the top of your content box.

Once you have clicked the twitter icon you will be able to insert the text that you would like to make tweetable. The display text will appear within the content. 

If you would like to add any extra information, such as your twitter handle, you can include this in the "tweetable text" field. This will include it when the users wants to share the quote on social media but will not display on the page.

Schudio Tip - include your twitter handle at the end of the quote in the Tweetable text. That way when someone tweets your quote they are also promoting your social media account and encouraging people to take a look at life at your school.

Hit ok to return to the content box, the tweetable text will be highlighted in blue. Once you have finished writing your content hit "Save" as normal.

Accessibility Checker

The new Accessibility checker will help you to ensure that your web content is accessible for users who interact with your website using a screen reader.

Once you have written your content, hit the accessibility button in the bank of icons across the top of the content box. 

The Accessibility checker will then give you advice on how to make your content more accessible:

 The checker will highlight the problem content and advise how to improve your content. 

You can move from issue to issue by using the sort arrows in the red banner of the pop up box.

By hitting quick fix, the system will apply a change to the content so it is more accessible. Depending on the issue it is not always possible for the system to do this. In that case you should make the recommended change yourself and rescan your content to check that all issues have been resolved.

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