Adding Google Search to your School Website

The native search on your Schudio website doesn’t do a full text search on your content. We are searching titles of pages and other content but not everything on your website. You can update your search to a Custom Google Search to give your users a more comprehensive search facility.

To create your Google Search you must have a google account. Use your google account details to log in to the following address:

Hit the "New Search Engine" menu option on the left hand side. And complete the form on the page:

Once you have selected your site and entered the name of your search engine hit "Create".

Now you have created your custom google search you will need to register as a school in order to have the option to switch off the adverts that will automatically appear in your search.  See this link for help registering as a school:

Once your request is processed (according to google this can take a few working days) you can follow the instructions to turn the adverts off your google search.

We suggest making a further change to the "look and feel" of your search:

And then hit "Save and Get Code"

Once you have the code you will need to paste it into the "Google Custom Search Field" of your website. This can be found under Information >> Tracking.

On the final line of the search code you will need to add the following code linktarget=“_parent” to ensure the search result opens in the same window.


Add the code to make:
<gcse:searchresults-only linktarget=“_parent”></gcse:searchresults-only>

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