Shared Document Groups

If you want to use shared document groups in your organisation you must first speak to the Schudio Team. We will then get you setup and you can start using shared document groups right away.

The Main Account

Shared document groups require a main account that will manage the document groups and documents within them. This is usually a trust website, but could be a school website.

To create a shared document group go to Compliance >> Policy Management >> Create Group

Group name: Enter the group name for your group of documents. This can be as broad as 'Policies'. However we recommend you split your document groups into smaller categories, for example 'Behaviour Policies', 'Admissions Policies'

Sort Order: choose the sort option for your group of documents

Share: select the share button if you wish to make this document group accessible to other sites that you are linked with.

Share with all: tick this box if you would like to share the group with all of your linked schools. If this box is unticked you will be able to specify which of your linked schools you can share the group with.

Linked Accounts: if you would like to share the group with specific accounts, tick which accounts you would like to be able to use the document group on their site.

The Linked Accounts

The linked accounts can access all the document groups the main account shares with them.

These can be accessed by going to Embed Codes >> Document Groups >> hitting the "shared document groups" button at the top.

If documents have been shared with you, they will be listed in this page 

The document group can then be added to your content following the normal process of copying the code and pasting it into your content

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