Alert Bar

You can now add an Alert Bar to the top of your Schudio website to draw your user's attention to important news. We suggest reserving the alert bar for special/urgent news. You should use your News and Events modules to update your site with your regular updates. 

You can add multiple messages to this area and they will scroll through. You can do this by going to appearance > alert bar

Click the green "+ Add Alert" to begin setting up your alert bar

Alert Text

This text will appear in the bar. Try to keep it short and snappy to grab people's attention. The main content should be linked to using the button function.


Input the URL that you want the button to link to. If you are not adding a button you can leave this field blank.

Button Title

Input the text of your button here eg. Click Here/See More

Alert Bar Colour

Choose the colour that you would like the bar to be. Choose school colours for non-urgent messages to coordinate with the rest of your site. If the message is urgent you can choose a bold colour.

Text Colour

You want this colour to stand out from the alert bar colour so it is easily legible for every user

Button Colour

If you want the button to stand out use a bold colour

Start Date/End Date

The system will manage to publish and remove the alert bar for you

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