Tab Groups - Using Embed Codes

This type of Embed Codes, Tab Groups, has been specifically designed so you can have pages inside of one page where you can access them all without having to leave the page. This is extremely useful for when you have a lot of information for one page but can be divided up into a few sections but they all link together.

Adding a Tab Group

To use this feature you will first need to create a Tab Group which can be done in Embed Codes >> Tab Groups.

Click the + Create New Tab Group, you can then name it whatever is most suitable it could be Policies or you could go more specific and name it Behaviour Policies. It is however, not limited to be used for just Policies, it can be used for whatever you need it to be whether that be staff pages, curriculum, pupil premium or even blog pages. You can create multiple Tab Groups to go on different pages.

Creating Your Tabs

Once you have created your Tab Group you will then be brought to this page where you can change the name of the Tab Group by clicking the blue Edit Group button. This is also where you will add your Tabs which will be the pages inside of your Tab Group. 

To Create these pages you will need to click + Add Tab. 

You will have to fill out the information in the two boxes:

You will then need to give the Tab a title which is relevant to what the Tab Group is called.

The content box is where all you images and text go that you would want to appear on the page on your website. It is the same layout as the content box found in pages so all the same rules apply. The only difference is adding embed codes into it such as Document Groups and Photo Galleries. To add these in you will need to copy the embed code from the page where you made it and the paste it into the content box. Once you have finished click save. 

They will appear like this once they have been created.

To re-order them you have to use the grey arrows to move them up and down and this order will be reflected on your website.

If you need to edit this in the future you can come back to it, click the blue pencil to the right of it and edit it as normal.

If you wish to delete a Tab you have to click the red bin, a message will show up confirming if you want to delete it. Once deleted it will be very hard to recover so you will have to be sure you want to delete it before doing so.

Embedding Tab Groups onto Page

The Embed Code will look like this:


You can access all the embed codes by clicking on the expandable box called under the content box titled embed codes. Simply right click to copy and  use Ctrl-V to paste the embed code provided for the Tab Group.

Once you have embedded the code onto the page scroll down to the bottom and click save.

It will then look like this on your page, it appears as a normal page, however if you click on the titles next to each other it will then show the content for that part of the Tab Group.

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