Managing your Event Bookings

Event Bookings

This can be found in Requests >> Event Bookings in the left-hand menu. This is where you can see who is booked into what events and can find all the necessary information that they have provided.

When people have booked onto events they will appear like this, if you click on the person's name it will come up with the information they filled in when booking onto the event.

You are also able to filter your search so you see only certain people booked on to the course which you're looking after. To do this you will need to select which event you want from the drop-down menu and press filter at the right of your screen. This will then only show people booked on that course. You can also search people by their name or by when they booked the course.

To get back to seeing everyone you will need to reset the search options to them being all blank and press filter again and all bookings will show.

You can export them so once you have filtered your search you can export it to make it easier to see them all.

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