Verifying your domain for Google Services

To use any of the google services for education, proof is required that the applicant owns the domain they are applying for. There are two methods to establish domain ownership. One using the "Google Verification Code" field in the Schudio CMS. The other is by adding a TXT record to the domain.

Schudio CMS

If you would like to verify your domain through the Schudio CMS then you will need the appropriate code from google.  You will be sent something that looks like this:

All you need is the meta tag (the section in blue)

Take this code and paste it into the "Google Verification Code" field that can be found in Information >> Tracking.

Adding a TXT record

Domain ownership can also be verified through a TXT record in the DNS settings for your domain.
This TXT record can be added by contacting your domain administrator (in the same way the A records were added when your website was put live).

Google's tutorial on what TXT record to add, and how to add it can be found here with a simple 5 step plan on what needs to be done.

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