Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base: What it is and how to use it on your school website.


The knowledge base is a brand new feature, available to Schudio website clients. This will allow you to create a single point of information, primarily, for all of your home learning information.

The 'How To' part:

You will notice on the admin section of your website, under the "information" category, there is a new heading called knowledge base. Head into this section to begin adding content to your knowledge base.

This is what it will look like once you go inside the knowledge base area. You can see that you can, "create articles, and go into categories. I would suggest by starting off by making a category. This way when you make a knowledge base the category is ready to use.

From here press "create category" >> give it a title (such as admissions) >> (content is not needed at this stage) press save.

Head back over to articles >> "create article" >> select a category >> put in your question that you wish to answer >> write your answer in the next box (you can also do this through pictures, or, through the source box if you know how to use it (we recommend our Schudio TV advanced website training on how to use the source button) >> save it off and that has been added to your website!

To view this go to your website >> take the URL and add /knowledge-base to it. This will bring you to the knowledge base page where you will see your categories. Select a category to view the questions and answers that you have made for the category.

We hope you are as excited about this new feature as we are; and that it makes your school websites just that bit more easy to use and accessible.

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