RAG Reports

RAG(B) Reports

RAG reports will allow trusts to create a status page to report on key areas of school life.

RAG reports are intended for trusts, so first you must set up your academies in the Academies module. You only need to add the name of each academy for this feature - the rest of the details can be left blank.

First, you must hit "Create Report" and give your report a title.

Once you have created your report you can set up your sections and requirements by using the relevant buttons

Sections give the report structure - you do not give these items a RAG rating

Requirements are the items that you wish to measure and report on

Once you have created the report structure, you can then create the report by hitting the Add Review button at the top of the screen

You will then be able to add a RAG rating to each of the requirements, for each of the academies within your trust. There is a field for each location where you can add a commentary regarding the RAG reporting and suggest the implications:

Once you have created the report you can then view the completed report and access the URL by clicking the blue hyperlink:

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