You can find Options under appearance, this is where you can change the look/feel of your website.

Above is an example of what yours could look like. Each Option section is different depending on your website design. However, they all have a few similarities.


This is where you can update your school logo, footer logo and favicon, which is your logo that appears in the tab across the top of your screen.

Theme Colours

These will be set to the theme colours of your school and will affect different areas of your website, you can play around with this section to get your colours to appear in different areas.

Image fields

this is where we will add some images/graphics which you will be able to see on your site if you want to update them you just remove the old ones and then you can upload a new one.

Do have a look at this section for your website to see what different areas you can change to make your website look more like you.

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