Adding a Splash Image Pop-up

A Splash Image appears on your website when a user first visits. The image is displayed in front of the website and can be used to draw attention to an important or urgent notice. You can also link a splash image link to a webpage where you can communicate further information if needed. The user can then only access the website by getting rid of the splash image

Splash can be found under Appearance >>Splash Images 

Splash Settings

If you create a splash image for your website, the default settings will show the splash image to the user every 30 days or whenever the image is changed. This is a standard setting for images of this type as showing it too often can irritate site users. However, in the event of urgent or important information, you may wish for your users to see this message more frequently. In this case, you should go into your splash settings and tick the "Make Splash Appear on Every New Session" option.

A new session does not mean every time a user visits your site. The definition of the new session is set by the individual's browser and often when the browser is closed and reopened completely or after a certain time period.

Creating a Splash Image

To create a splash image click the green box with + Add Splash Image.

An explanation for each of the fields can be found below.

Splash Image

The image that appears when a user visits the website. The image must be dismissed before a user proceeds to the site. The image will not appear every time a user visits your website, so not to be annoying. It will display the first time the user browses to the website, and then won't appear again until the image is changed. (This is controlled via a cookie)

This must be an image file - a Word or PDF document will not work.


If you would like to link to a page with further information, you can put the link of the page in this field. If a user clicks the image it will take them to this page. It can be used to link to any page on your website or an external site.

Start and End date

If you would like to schedule your splash image to be live on your website for a certain period of time, you can put the dates in the Start Date and End Date fields. For example, if your splash image is advertising a Christmas concert then you will want it to stop displaying after the event happens.

Using Canva for your Splash Image

Canva is a great way of making amazing splash images for your website. There is a huge range of templates available for you to use. This means you can create a beautiful splash image with limited creative skills or knowledge.

You will first need to make an account at When you have your account there is some great basic Canva training that you can access in the learning section of Canva. 

Once you have set up an account you will be able to use it on our website by hitting the "Design on Canva" button in the splash image section.

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