Adding a Splash Image Pop-up

A Splash Image appears on your website when a user first visits. The image is displayed in front of the website and can be used to draw attention to different areas of your site, and 

even link to a webpage.

Splash can be found under Appearance > Options

There are two fields for the splash. Image and Link.

Splash Image

The image that appears when a user visits the website. The image will not appear every time a user visits your website, so not to be annoying.
It will display the first time the user browses to the website, and then won't appear again until the image is changed. (This is controlled via a cookie)


Make the splash image link off to another page of your website when clicked. It can be used to link to any page on your website.

Make Splash Appear on Every New Session

By default this is switched off to avoid the splash image annoying users by appearing too frequently, however if you wish for the splash image to appear every new session you should tick this box.

Scroll down the page and click Update to put your new Splash live.

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