Absence Reporting & Absence Notifications

Absence Reporting

Absence reporting is a feature available in the Schudio system. The form for a parent to submit absence reports is available through the Schudio App, and through your Schudio website.

Absence Notifications are accessed through the Requests Menu.
Requests Menu > Absence Notifications.

Who are notifications emailed to?

The notification email is set from the Absence Notifications page in the Schudio School Website Content Management System (The website admin area).

Click the green + Set Notification Email' button to set the address for absence notification emails to be sent to.
This address can be changed at a later date by clicking the blue pencil edit button. (This button appears only after an address has been entered.)

How does it work?

Once the notification email has been set any absence notifications submitted through the form will be emailed to the address set above, and also stored in the CMS for reference.

The absence reporting page will always appear at 'yourwebsiteaddress.com/absence-reporting'. You might want to make a link to this page from one of your menu items.
There are 4 different ways to link to the absence reporting page.

  1. Within the content box on Page/Blog/News/Events/Announcements/etc. Use the link tool to link to a URL - enter '/absence-reporting' into the URL field (without the ' marks)
  2. Within a menu. Select the type as link. Then enter into the URL field '/absence-reporting' (without the ' marks).
  3. Within a menu. Select the type as module. Then select from the drop-down Absence Reporting.
  4. Within a menu. Select the type as page. Then enter into the page that is at the top level and has the URL 'absence-reporting' (without the ' marks)
    For this to work you will first need to create a page with the URL field set as 'absence-reporting' (without the ' marks). This will allow you to add content above the absence reporting form.

The only thing left is to let parents and carers know that the feature is available through your school website/app.

How to disable Absence Reporting

If you don't want to use the Absence Reporting module in your school you can turn off this feature. Go to your Schudio School Website CMS Admin area and select Request >> Absence Notifications. At the top of the page you should tick labelled "Disable Absence Reporting". The page is still part of the system but a message will be displayed in place of the form letting users know you don't take online Absence Reporting and providing a phone number for parents to call instead.

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