Managing Vacancies (Schudio HR System)

The Schudio School Website CMS is able to advertise jobs on your website. The HR Recruitment system which can be run from within your CMS account is able to handle the job applications made through an online application form, and then offers the functionality for managers to shortlist those applicants independently and together to provide a final shortlist with emails being sent to successful applicants and referees.

The following is an example running through the 3 step process in the system from posting the vacancy to sending out emails to applicants.

Advertise Job

Vacancy Managers

The job vacancy form should be filled out as normal completing as many of the fields as possible where appropriate. The fields at the bottom of the form control which users of the system are going to manage and provide shortlists for the vacancy. These users can be selected from any existing user in the system.

Person Specification

Next up is the person specification, this is the criteria that will used to judge appropriateness of each applicant for the job. It is accessed from a tab at the top of a job vacancy when viewing that vacancy. (Click the Job Title to view the vacancy, and then the Person Specifications tab)

The Person Specification is made up of Types and Criteria. Each Criteria must fall under a Type.
A new type can be added by clicking green "+ Add Type" and entering the name of the new type.
A new criteria can be added by clicking the green + button in line with the type it is to be added as.
The order of the types and criteria can be adjusted using the arrows. 

There are also 'Frequently Used Criteria' in the system. These criteria can be quickly added to a person specification by checking the boxes and clicking the green "+ Add" button below the frequently used criteria. This content is automatically generated using the criteria that's been used across the different jobs in the system.

Once this has all been setup it's a case of waiting for the applications to roll in before the job closing date.

Review Applicants and Shortlist

Jobs that have applications to review can be found in the Requests > Manage Vacancies menu.

All the jobs each individual vacancy manager is managing will be available on this screen.

The applicants for a job are viewed by clicking the job title.

Review Applicants

Each applicant needs to be reviewed by both vacancy managers against the person specification created for the job. Shortlisting is not available until every applicant has been reviewed.

Click the review button to review a applicant.

The review screen shows the applicant data from the application form, with the person specification criteria in a bar that floats down the screen as the manager reviews the criteria. Each criteria item can be marked with a tick by clicking the slider if the criteria is present in the application.
Click the Save button to save the review and return to the list of applicants. Click Save and Next to advance to save the review and advance to the next applicant for review.

As applicants are reviewed the score will be shown on the page where all applicants are reviewed. After all applicants have been reviewed the shortlist option becomes available.

Shortlist ApplicantsEach applicant now needs to be shortlisted by both vacancy managers.

To shortlist an applicant either Yes/Maybe/No should be selected from the set of 3 buttons in the shortlist column.
After both vacancy managers have shortlisted every application the 'Final Shortlist' option is available for the primary vacancy manager to fill out. This final shortlist is the shortlist that will be sent to HR and should reflect the shortlisting of both vacancy managers. It should also include the candidate ranking.
After the final shortlist has been completed the shortlist details can be sent to HR.

HR Review Shortlist

The shortlist from the vacancy manager is sent through to HR, this shortlist then needs to be approved by HR. They can check the details of the candidates and if happy they can complete the process.
The HR representative for the vacancy can view this information via Requests > Vacancy Shortlist menu option. From this menu HR can approve the shortlist and send confirmation emails to applicants and reference requests to referees.
The system will show if the applicant has given consent for the referee to be contacted prior to interview.

These emails can be customised in this area too, the default template will be used for each new vacancy, but the content of the emails can then be customised within the system.

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