Creating Secure Areas

The secure area is enabled on the website by changing some of the pages to password protected pages. For example a governors page, or a teachers area. In an update made in 2023, your website can now have multiple password protected areas which are user specific.

When editing a page in the Schudio CMS at the bottom of the page manager for each page there is an option to turn on password protect.

You have the option to make the password protected content exclusively available to certain user types, which you select from the drop down.

Once this has been turned on, the page can only be viewed after logging in.  A login page will appear on the page before it is accessed. (This is a separate area from the admin login) People with the correct user type for this page will be able to log in and view the content. Other users will not be able to.

When creating your users, pay particular attention to the groups that you put people in as it will determine what password protected content they can see.

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