People - Using Embed Codes

The people module has been specifically designed for creating staff pages or any other pages where groups of people would appear.

Adding a People Group
Adding People
Embedding Groups on Pages

Adding A People Group

To effectively use the people module, a Group of People should be setup first. People groups can be found in Embed Codes >> People.

Click the + Create Group button to create a new Group of People. These groups could be as broad as staff, as small as SLT, but not limited to staff, it can also be used for groups of students, maybe a digital leaders team or student leadership team. You can create as many Groups as you like. 

Enter the group name and save the group.

Adding People

Now we need to add a Person to the Group we have created. Click the green + button in the row of the group to add a new person to that group.

After clicking the green + the new person form will appear, fill this out to add a new person to the group. (Move a person to a different group by changing the 'Group' field)

Below is an explanation of the fields on the New Person details page. 

Not all fields are required.


This image field is for the member of staff being described.

Image Styling

This image field styling for the member of staff being described. 4 options are available, it doesn't matter what image is uploaded the style will be applied. We advise using the same style on all your pictures for a neat and consistent look.


The group the person is a member of. The group must be created before the person can be added to it. If a person needs to be changed to a different group you select the correct group from the drop down.


The name of the person.


The job title for the person.

Additional Information

Any additional information for the person being added.


This description of the person being added.


Contact email address for the person being added.


Twitter account for the person being added.


Website of the person being added.

Click Save and the person will be saved and added to the selected group. If you choose not to add email address, social links etc them simply won't display on the page.

Embedding Groups on Pages

You can use the embed code in as many locations as possible. You have two embed options. You can embed in full width style or in a grid style and to achieve this you simply need to copy and paste the embed code. Add multiple embed codes to a page to display different groups on a single page.

Option 1 - Full Width Style

This embed option is the default option and is available by simply copying and pasting the embed code wherever you would like the People Group to appear. You can add more than one embed code to a page.

The embed code looks like this:

Full Width Style Embed Code {group:Teachers}

Option 2 - Grid StyleTo make the People Group display in a grid format you will need to make a small, very simply amend to the embed code.

Add -table to the embed code after the work group within the embed code so your updated embed code looks like this:

Grid Style Embed Code {group-table:Teachers}

This is a great option if you have lots of staff and using the full width option will result in a very long page.

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