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Banners are the big images that sit on your front page and can really create a stunning welcome to visitors to your website. It is easy to add as many banners as you like and link them through

to content on your site. It is easy to give your site a fresh new look simply by updating your banners.

Banners can be found under the Appearance > Banners

note: not all themes support banners so please check with your account manager if you are unsure.

On the Banners page, any existing banners will be listed. To add a new Banner, click the green "+ Create Banner’ button at the top of the page.

Below is an explanation of the fields on the banner details page.


The title for the banner - this is displayed along the bottom of the banner on the front page so make it something relevant; maybe a welcome sentence?


This is just for your reference and doesn't display on the front of your website.


If you add a link to this field, this specific banner will link to that page. The best way to do this is navigate to the page / news article etc in another tab and then copy and paste the link so you know it is correct.


Upload the image that you would like to display as the banner. The size to use varies depending on the theme your website is using but here is a little trick. On the front page of your website, right-click the banner and click 'Inspect Element'. You will then see the size of the banner appear.
You need to create an image of the correct size to add a banner properly. If you are unsure how to do this please try using Pixlr or Canva for an easy way to edit the size of your images.


Depending on your theme, you can set the colour of the bar that sits across the bottom of your banner image. This can help brand match the banners to your site if used effectively.


The opacity sets how transparent the colour bar across the bottom of your image banners appears. This is theme specific and only works on some themes but add a value between 1 and 100.


The active checkbox is not ticked by default and allows the banner to be shown on the site. If the publish checkbox is not ticked the banner will not be shown


Just click save and your banner will be shown on your site.

In the list of banners you also have the option to reorder by clicking the 'UP' and 'DOWN' buttons.

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