Adding Courses / Course Levels

The Schudio CMS gives you the option to add an unlimited number of courses to your website.

Courses can be found under the Education > Courses menu.


First of all add the relevant Course Levels to your website. 

Click "Levels" to manage the course levels and then "+ Create Level". 

Simply add a title and an image relevant to the course level.


Below is an explanation of the fields on the Course details page.


Select the relevant course level for this particular course.


Enter the course name - this should be something that is relevant to those searching for the course on a search engine or on your website so that it can be easily found.


Primarily relevant if you are using our optional Application Form System, the Code is unique course code that you use in your college.


The image should be a photograph relevant to the course you are adding.
The file should be JPG or PNG in format.

Content Boxes (General Information, Entry Requirements, About the Subject, Where Does It Lead)

These are the main content about the course and should be used to provide as much information as possible.


If you have a unique prospectus or leaflet for each course, upload a PDF here. This will enable users to download the file to view/print offline.

Allow Booking

Checking this box will add a button to the course page for users to book onto the course. The system is not linked to any payment systems at this time but clicking the button will take users to a simple form to complete. When the user submits this form the details will be sent to the email address in the system. The form can be customised using the booking options that appear when Allow Booking is ticked.
For more information on Course Bookings click here.

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