Managing Translations

A customised translation widget is available for use on your site. This is powered by Google translate. (You will need a Google account to add and manage this functionality on your site)

In the Appearance menu the last tab is Translation. The translation tab outlines the instructions for adding a translation widget to your site.

Click the create button to begin the process, if you're not signed into a Google account you will be asked to first. (The Google account used to setup the translation will be used to manage the translations that appear on your site)

The first two fields to fill out when setting up your translation are:
Website URL
Your website address (e.g. or
Website Language
Your website Language - defaults to English.

Translation Languages Change the option to 'Specific languages' and only these languages will appear as options, allowing the translations to be tailored to the requirements of your school.

Display mode
The dropdown box should be set to "Inline". The radio button should then be set to "Dropdown only".

Advanced options can be customised if you wish, we recommend leaving as default

Click Get code to generate the code for your widget.

The code needs to be copied from this page into your website admin area into the box on the Translation tab.

In the admin area click "Update" to save the changes and apply the translation settings to your site.
The translation widget will now be visible on your site with your specific language options.

If you need to make changes to your language options you will need to replace the existing code in the CMS with updated code provided by the Google translate service after you've made a change to your translation options.

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