Create and add an App to your Learning Wall

To start building your Wall go to My Walls, and click the Wall you want to build.

Add a custom app by clicking the green 'Create App' button.

Add App

Learning Walls are made up of apps and resources. Detailed below are all the available options when creating your own app or resource.

Add the name of the app you are adding to your Learning Wall.

Either Image or Widget. Different options are available for each type.
Images link to apps that run on another webpage.
Widgets are directly embedded onto a Learning Wall. A widget can be a YouTube video, Twitter and Facebook feeds and more.


You can select what size of the image you add to your Learning Wall from small, medium and large.
SMALL: 150px x 150px
MEDIUM: 300px x 150px
LARGE: 300px x 300px

Enter the link you would like this Image to go to. 

Full instructions on adding an image based app or resource to your Learning Wall can be found here.

Upload images here. If you select 'Use Image 2' you can upload more than one image and the Learning Wall will transition between the two. You can select from a number of transition options to really make the Learning Wall your own.


The option for a widget is the widget code box. This box accepts an HTML input. 

For most widgets, you will need to set the selected width (in the code) before pasting your code into the Widget Code box. This can sometimes be done when the widget/embed code is generated, if not it should be manually added (documentation to do this is usually provided on the widget providers page) 

Click Save and the created app will be added to your Learning Wall.

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