Managing Blog Comments

If a blog post is enabled for comments (by checking the box to allow comments - see here for more details) these comments need to be moderated before they are shown on the site. Any new blog comments will be displayed on the dashboard page of the website. 

From here this blog comment can be approved (green tick), rejected (orange stop), or deleted (red bin). A comment can be changed from approved to rejected, or vice versa at any point.

Comments that have been approved will be shown underneath the relevant blog post on your website. Rejected comments will not be displayed but remain in the back end system as a record. Deleted comments are removed permanently and not stored.

Blog comments can also be viewed via the individual blog post within the software. These can be viewed by navigating to blog, selecting the blog post by clicking the blog name, and then selecting the 'Comments' tab.

Within the comments tab all comments that have been submitted (and not deleted) are available. The status of the comment is also shown.

This is where the status of an already approved or rejected comment can be changed using the relevant button.

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