Generating a Twitter Widget

This tutorial is for an external product/service (Twitter). Support queries relating to the product/service itself should be the product/service provider.

To begin generating a widget for twitter click this link:
Twitter Widget Generator

You will need to be signed into twitter to proceed.

If you are signed in the above page will be displayed.
Add your twitter profile URL into the box and click the arrow

Choose your display option, this will usually be "Embedded Timeline"
Click the option to move to the next step.

As it says on the Twitter website 'That's all we need'. Unless you want to customise the widget, which in many cases we would recommend.

Click the "set customization options" text to customise the widget. The height field is the main parameter to change here. 400 usually works quite well, but you can of course choose any number that you think works for your site.

From here you can copy the code and add it into the Schudio CMS. The code can be pasted into the Twitter Widget box which can be found under Information >> Social Links, this will cause the widget to appear in the places determined by your design - normally the home page and sidebar.

Alternatively the widget can be placed within the content of a page. Click the source button on the row of images above the content box and then paste in the code.

If you want to make any adjustments or use the customisation options click the 'customisation options' text and make changes there. We'd recommend putting a height value into the widget.
Changes made here are then added to the code box below to be copied.
For more details on adding the widget to a website see the Adding Social Links tutorial.

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