Course Bookings

The Schudio CMS gives you the option to advertise courses and accept course bookings via your website. By following a few steps this process is very easy.

Courses can be found under the Education > Courses menu.

Course Bookings can be found under Requests > Course Bookings.

Add Courses

First of all, add the course details. For more details on adding courses click here. Once the details have been added, save the course and edit the course later to add the booking details or add the booking details straight away.

Course Bookings

Below is an explanation of the booking fields on the Course details page.

Allow Booking

Tick this box to enable all the fields below and accept bookings for a course.

Maximum Capacity

Enter a whole number for the maximum capacity of the course, online bookings cannot be taken once the maximum capacity has been reached.

Date & Time for Last Booking

Select a date when bookings must be made before. Bookings will be closed once this date/time field has passed and no further online bookings can be made.

Booking Type

Either Individual or Organisation. Changing this option presents the users with a different form to book the course. Organisation bookings include a separate payment contact, shown above.

Additional Delegates

Checking this box will allow multiple users to book places via a single form submission. Most commonly used with the Organisation booking type.

Show Accommodation Requirements Field

Checking this box will enable a text field for accommodation Requirements to be entered into.

Show Additional Information Field

Checking this box will enable a text field for additional information to be entered.

Show Payment Information

Unchecking this box will turn off the payment information fields and stop them from displaying when a user is making a booking.

Content Boxes (Payment Information, Cancellation Information, Email Content)

The content added to these boxes will be displayed on the booking form (to make delegates aware of the payment and cancellation information) and the Email content will be sent with the booking confirmation email sent out to all delegates who book a place on a course.

Booking Requests

Details of a booking can be viewed in the system under Requests > Course Bookings. Bookings are displayed by Course, clicking the name of each course will show all the delegates booked onto that course. A booking can be removed by clicking the red cross next to the delegate whose booking is to be cancelled.

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