Types of Menu

There are a number of different menus available in a website, and all websites will use a couple of different ones.

Menus can be found under Appearance > Menus.

The menus page contains a list of the different menus currently running on the website. These menus will be specific to your site depending on your design.

Each menu works by having a unique ‘identifier’ name in order to appear. The applicable menus for your site will be setup when your site is, so you know which ones are in place.

The menus are all slightly different so here’s a quick run through of each menu type.

Top menu

This is the main menu which appears at the top of all our websites. This menu can be broken into submenus. This menu will also appear on the left hand side when in the various pages of the site so users can find their way around all the great content easily!

Navigation menu

This menu sits at the very top of the page and is great for things like calendar and term dates. It's a useful menu to use for content that need to be easily visible and accessible.

Home Menu

Most sites will have a home menu on the first page which appears as boxes rather than just text. These menu items can serve as quick links into content using a picture.
Similar menus can also be created in the internal pages of your site, more details available here.

Bottom Menu

This menu sits at the bottom of the site in the footer alongside the school contact details. This menu is perfect for adding extra links like; Parent View, VLE and Staff Email.

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