Custom Content Editors

If you have editor users that add content to the site, whether it is children writing blogs or other members of staff, their content will need to be approved before it is published to the site. 

(Not sure about the different user accounts? Click here for more information)

You have the ability, within the user settings, to control which administrator will approve the content for each editor.

Choosing the custom content approvers

To set the custom content approvers you must go to the editors profile. This can be found in the "Users" menu on the left hand side.

Click the blue edit button on the Editors profile.

Once you have set the role to "Editor" and additional box will appear titled "Content Approvers".

If you click in this box, a list of available user accounts, with the permission to authorise content, will appear as a drop down list

You can select multiple content approvers for each person if required.

Hit the save button to confirm the changes.

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