Adding a User

Each user can access your system with their login credentials. There are 3 different types of users, explained below.

User settings can be found under the Users menu.

On the Users page, any previously added users will be listed. To add a new user article, click the green "+ Create User’ button at the top of the page.

Below is an explanation of the fields on the New User details page. The * fields are required for all users, the rest of the fields are optional.


The name of the user.


The user group level the user will have. Either Administrator, Editor or Member. An Administrator can edit and post new content to the website. An Editor can edit content, but changes are sent to an administrator before they go live on the site. A Member can access any pages on the site that have been marked as password protected (an option at the bottom when creating/editing a page)


The username the user will use to login to the site.


The password for the user to login to the site. When setting a user account up for someone you can just use a temporary password and instruct them to change their password after they have logged in.


The email address of the user

Content Approvers

Only applicable and visible for users set to an Editor role. Select from the drop down list which users you would like to approve the content before it is published to the site. For more information on custom content approvers, click here.


The status of your user. By default this is set to new, however the user will not be able to login until the status has been changed to 'Active'

After creating a user they will by default not be able to see any of the administration options for your site, set user permissions to give them access to the site. For help on setting user permissions please click here.

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