Event Bookings

The Schudio Software can be used to help you manage your event bookings. 

First of all you should create your event as you normally would. See here for more information.

There is now a button at the bottom of the Event page which you can tick to allow booking onto your event. 

Maximum Capacity - The system will prevent bookings once this number is exceeded

Date & Time for Last Booking - The system will prevent bookings once this date and time has passed

Booking Type - can either be "Individual" or "Organisation". If you choose Organisation then an additional field will show allowing you to accept bookings for multiple delegates.

The next section shows a range of boxes that you can tick. Once ticked they will be fields on your event booking form that will allow you to collect relevant information for the purposes of running your event. Tick the box of the fields you would like to show.

Event Options - this should be used if you need your delegates to select options for the course. For example if you were running different AM/PM seminars where you would like delegates to sign up as part of the registration process

Email Content - this is the email that will be sent to the person booking the course to confirm their booking. 

Notification Email Address(es) - input the email addresses of the people that need notifying once a booking is received into the system. You can put multiple email addresses in this section if there are several people involved in the running of the event

Confirmation Text - the confirmation text will appear on the screen once a person has made the booking.

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