Adding an Event

Events can be found under the Events menu:

On the Events page, any previously added Events will be listed.

Creating an event

To add a new Event, click the green "+ Create Event’ button at the top of the page.

Below is an explanation of the fields on the Event details page.


The title for the event. It should be short and snappy, but explain what the event is.

Date/Time Options

The date/time your event will be taking place. The first checkbox One Day when unchecked will show a second date field - for an end date to the event (If for example it runs over a weekend) The second checkbox Full Day when checked will hide the time drop down options. This provides four different timing options for an event

One Day - Full Day (One date) One Day - Not Full Day ( One date with start and end times) Not One Day - Full Days (Start and end dates, no times) Not One Day - Not Full Day (Start end dates, and start and end times)

Select the date(s)/time(s) from the date/time pickers. The event will be given the date/time details provided here. As soon as it is published the event will be visible on your site as long as the start date is in the future. When the start date is in the past the event will not display on the front end of the site. You will however be able to see it in the admin area, and make any changes to potentially re-use it again in the future.


This image is the thumbnail image that appears under the title in the smaller event previews, and at the top of the event page. Ideally it is an image related to the content, having an image for content dramatically increases interest in that content. Good event images can be quite difficult to choose, if it's a repeating event, photos from previous years can work really well. We recommend use of a landscape image, the system will select the top bit of the image for the square thumbnail preview.

Alt Text

The Alt Text is the description of the image that is read out for users using screen readers. Make this as detailed as you can in one sentence!


The link field will make your event previews link to another page. This can be useful if you want to highlight an event run by a 3rd party. Use with care though, because this link will take a visitor away from your website.

Short Description

This description is the short bit of taster text that appears under the title and image in the smaller event previews. It should reveal some more about the event, but be interesting enough for users of your site to want to learn more about your event.


The content box is the main body of the event. This is the same text editor present on most of the editable content pages in the Schudio CMS. For more detailed instructions on using the text box please click here.

Embed Codes

Here you will find a complete list of all the media which you can embed into the content


The tags box allows you to categorise and tag your events. For more on tags  click here.

Show In Calendar

This checkbox is ticked by default and automatically adds the event to the calendar on your site. Unticking the box will stop the event being shown on your calendar. For more details on using the calendar click here

Calendar Category

If you have set up categories for your calendar you can add the event to that category. This means the event will adopt the category colour and is included in the events for people who have subscribed to that category.


The publish checkbox is ticked by default and allows the content to be shown on the site. If the publish checkbox is not ticked the content will not be shown.

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