Form Builder

It’s easier than ever to collect information from parents with our form builder. 

You can find this feature under ‘Forms’ on our email software.

You then click New Form. 

You’ll then be given three options to choose from, depending on what the purpose of the form is. 

A landing page is a standalone web page, it’s where a visitor lands after clicking on a link elsewhere and they can only do 2 things on that page, either they sign up for something or they exit the page. 

An embedded form is one that gets embedded on your website so users don’t need to click anywhere else. 

Popups and Alert Bars will appear on an existing web page at a certain point when you want the user to complete an action of some kind. Easily customisable to appear after a specific amount of time that that user has been on that page.

I would recommend using the embedded form for a school website as this is the easiest to implement into the Schudio CMS.

Embedded forms

You can use the fields section on the left side to add in different content that you need. 

Each section is completely customisable with the drag and drop editor, you can decide what fields are essential to fill in and which ones you don’t really need. Just hover over any section and you can move it, edit the title or delete it. 

If you create a new custom field that is not already on the template, be sure to link it to the database using the "field mapping" section:

If you do not set the target field it will not let you publish!

Once the embedded Form has been designed, use the 'Publishing' section in the Form details page to generate a simple snippet of code to be inserted into the website.

Exporting forms

To export data and form submissions from your Form Builder, log into your account and go to Forms and select your form.

Then scroll to the Audience section and click 'Download' and click 'All User Sessions'. 

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