Using File Manager

It's simple to manage all the files used on the website with the built-in File Manager. All uploaded files can be accessed and new files can be easily uploaded directly into the file manager to use as website content at a later date.

File Manager is located at the bottom of the left-hand menu. In File Manager browse the file structure to view the relevant file or folder. File manager works very similar to how a Onedrive or a Google drive works.

when first viewing your file manager you will be greeted by two folders, one for Files and the other for Images, click on either one to access them.

Uploading a File or Image

Click 'Upload Files' to upload a new file or multiple files to the displayed folder in File Manager. Make sure to navigate to the desired folder before uploading files. After selecting the files to be uploaded confirm the selection and they will be uploaded into the folder. This is a great way of keeping your files together and where they should be if you ever need to find them, they will be easy to fine

Adding a New Folder

Click the New Folder button to create a new folder inside the current folder. Make sure to navigate to the desired folder before creating a new folder. Enter the name of the new folder into the box and click the blue + button to create it. A new folder can be created anywhere apart from the top level, so the New Folder button is not available there.

File or Folder Actions

Within the file manager, there are a couple of options you can do to keep on top of it. One of these is deleting files/images you no longer need. To do this, select the file you want to delete by ticking it to the left, once all are ticked you want deleted click the red delete at the top. This will delete these files so they can no longer be viewed on your website or found via Google.

With the images, you are able to use the blue pencil to edit them, please click this link to find out how to edit an image.

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