Editing Images

It's really easy to edit images within the Schudio CMS, there's an image editor built in. The most useful things to do are probably Rotate, Resize and Crop your images.

Images can be edited from within the File Manager, this is located in the bottom section of the left hand side menu. Browse for the image you want to work on, and click the blue pencil button to edit it.

All edits are non-destructive and don't alter the original file, a new copy is made and saved in the same folder.

Rotate an Image

It is easy to rotate an image within the image editor! When you launch an image to edit, you will see the two rotate arrows at the bottom of the screen.

Then click the "Save" button in the top right corner to save a new copy of the image.

Schudio Tip - if you are feeling creative or would like to try something new, why not try clicking the row of dots to display your picture in an irregular angle. This would work great for banner images!

Crop an Image

You may need to crop an image to make it fit in better with your content. The crop options load into the sidebar when you first open the image editor.

There are different methods of cropping, common crop, social and fixed measurement. 

Common Crop - Select the shape/ratio that you would like to crop your image to and a box will appear on your image. Move the box over the section that you would like to be included in the crop. Hit save to create your new cropped image.

Facebook - If you use Facebook at school the image editor will help you make sure The visual cropping can be done by clicking the grey dots that appear on an image and moving them around, moving the points will automatically change the values in the custom box. To crop via fixed measurements select the aspect ratio from the pre-defined options or enter the size to crop to.

Fixed Measurement -  if you know the dimensions that you want to crop your images to then put the pixel measurements in the width and height field. Don't forget to tick the "Lock Resolution" box to make sure the image stays in proportion. Drag the box around to crop the section of the image that you want. This is great for banner images.

Then click "Save" button to save a new copy of the image.


Adding text to your images can be great for communication important or exciting information. Click the "Text" button on the left hand side and double click on the text to add your text.

Font, size, emphasis and justification - choose the settings that works well for your message and with the image you are using. Make sure your message can be read clearly. 

Text colour - choose a colour for your text!

Background - If your image is very busy it is a good idea to apply a background colour so your message does not get lost

Spacing - Adjusting the spacing will adjust the size of your text box by changing the space in-between the lines of text and edge of the text box. The font size will remain the same.

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