Getting Started - Support

On every page on the site there is a button in the bottom left of the screen.

Contact Support

This is the very best way of getting in touch with us if you have a problem. When you click it a small popup box appears next to it. 

Type your support request into the box and click the magnifying class or hit 'Enter'. At the next stage the pop-up will show any support articles that might match the entered query. Hopefully one of these support articles can answer your question right away. Clicking the relevant article will load it within the pop-up box.

If the articles aren't quite what you're looking for then you can always send a message using the button at the bottom. A very simple form with 3 fields. Subject, How can we help you? and an option to attach a file.

Knowledge Base

This is where supporting documentation and helpful articles can be found. The knowledge base has articles covering more general topics, but also covers the specifics of a product. We would always recommend reading the relevant articles in the knowledge base as a first port of call if you ever get stuck. These are the same articles displayed within the support widget and can be viewed within the widget, or via the separate knowledge base webpage.

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us