Managing Tags

Tags are used to group together different types of relevant content on your site and display it together. Blogs, news articles, events and pages can all be tagged. 

Tagging Related Content

The simplest way to add a tag is to go to the post that you wish to tag. Towards the bottom of the page there will be two fields regarding tags:

If it is a new tag, that doesn't already exist, you should type it in the "New Tags" field. If the tag already exists you should type it in the "Tags" field. The same tag must be present on the post and the page you want it to appear on. The three most recent tagged news/events/blogs will show at the bottom of the page where the tag has been added.

Managing Tags

Tags can be added, edited and deleted from the Information menu, under Tags.

You can edit a tag by hitting the blue button. A tag can be deleted by pressing the red bin on the same line as the tag.

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