Managing User Permissions

Each user in your system can be set up with a specific level of access, or permissions. This is in addition to the user type that is set when they are created. The permissions control what bits of the  Schudio system they are able to access and use to edit the content on the website.

Users' settings can be found under the Users menu. 

On the Users page, any previously added users will be listed. To manage a user's access permissions, click the padlock button in the action column of the user to manage. 

On the permissions page, all of the sections of the system are visible. It's best to only give access to the sections and items that are required. Tick the boxes that are required and the user will be able to access them when they log in to their account. For example:

To manage the pages a user can access, the pages option (towards the top) must be ticked and the permissions saved. After saving a user with the pages option ticked another option is added to edit their permissions. "All Pages" (at the bottom of the screen) Unselecting the all pages option will show all of the pages that exist in the system and per-page access can be given.

Turning on a section doesn't mean that a specific feature will work. For example, turning on applications does not enable the application form system - each application form has to be built and set up to requirements. If you are interested in an application form on your website, please get in touch for a quote.

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